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Chloe Kim rules Women’s Pipe

Chloe Kim stomps Gold in Women's Pipe

PyeongChang 2018

Olympic news: Chloe Kim dominates Women’s Pipe Gold with next-level skills

If anyone had any doubts about Chloe Kim’s dominance in Women’s Pipe – wow – did she dispell them last night. Kim stomped an emphatic mark all over the Pipe finals – and the sport of Women’s snowboarding in general.

Kim’s parents are originally from South Korea and, as such, she’s taken on a kind of dual nationality at these Games with massive support not just from the US but also from the home crowd. Coming into these Games, the pressure’s been squarely on her young 17 year-old shoulders but she really stepped up this morning and proved she is the undisputed ruler of Women’s Pipe right now – and likely for some time to come.

Going into run 3, she already had an unassailable lead so threw down a victory lap to show what she’d been capable of all along – 6 hits which included back to back 10’s and bossed a score of 98.25. It was refreshing to see her do such a tech run despite already having nailed the event.

Silver and Bronze went to Liu Jiayu and Arielle Gold – both of whom laid down runs that would have likely scooped Gold on a different day. A day without Kim in attendance. Perennial Bronze-medallist Kelly Clark would have to settle for 4th this time in what must surely be her last Olympics (and also her 5th).

By now, you’re probably used to this (we’re not) but you’ll have to look to your local broadcaster for highlights reels and photos as the IOC has media rights in lockdown. It’s definitely worth finding the footage to get a glimpse into the future of Women’s Pipe riding. Full results below.

1.   Chloe Kim (U.S.)          98.25 points 
2.   Liu Jiayu (China)         89.75        
3.   Arielle Gold (U.S.)       85.75        
4.   Kelly Clark (U.S.)        83.50        
5.   Cai Xuetong (China)       76.50        
6.   Haruna Matsumoto (Japan)  70.00        
7.   Queralt Castellet (Spain) 67.75        
8.   Sena Tomita (Japan)       65.25        
9.   Mirabelle Thovex (France) 63.00        
10.  Sophie Rodriguez (France) 50.50        
11.  Emily Arthur (Australia)  48.25        
12.  Maddie Mastro (U.S.)      14.00        

Run 1
1.   Chloe Kim (U.S.)          93.75        
2.   Liu Jiayu (China)         85.50        
3.   Kelly Clark (U.S.)        76.25        
4.   Haruna Matsumoto (Japan)  70.00        
5.   Sena Tomita (Japan)       65.25        
6.   Queralt Castellet (Spain) 59.75        
7.   Mirabelle Thovex (France) 59.50        
8.   Sophie Rodriguez (France) 50.50        
9.   Emily Arthur (Australia)  48.25        
10.  Cai Xuetong (China)       20.50        
11.  Maddie Mastro (U.S.)      14.00        
12.  Arielle Gold (U.S.)       10.50        

Run 2
1.   Liu Jiayu (China)         89.75        
2.   Kelly Clark (U.S.)        81.75        
3.   Arielle Gold (U.S.)       74.75        
4.   Queralt Castellet (Spain) 67.75        
5.   Haruna Matsumoto (Japan)  46.25        
6.   Chloe Kim (U.S.)          41.50        
7.   Cai Xuetong (China)       41.25        
8.   Sena Tomita (Japan)       34.50        
9.   Mirabelle Thovex (France) 30.25        
10.  Sophie Rodriguez (France) 14.75        
11.  Emily Arthur (Australia)  9.25         
12.  Maddie Mastro (U.S.)      7.50         

Run 3
1.   Chloe Kim (U.S.)          98.25        
2.   Arielle Gold (U.S.)       85.75        
3.   Kelly Clark (U.S.)        83.50        
4.   Cai Xuetong (China)       76.50        
5.   Haruna Matsumoto (Japan)  65.75        
6.   Mirabelle Thovex (France) 63.00        
7.   Sena Tomita (Japan)       60.50        
8.   Liu Jiayu (China)         49.00        
9.   Queralt Castellet (Spain) 43.75        
10.  Emily Arthur (Australia)  25.00        
11.  Sophie Rodriguez (France) 13.75        
12.  Maddie Mastro (U.S.)      6.50