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Glencoe needs your support

Snowboard news : Glencoe needs you

Just ten days remain to help Glencoe Mountain make Scottish snowsports history by achieving its crowd-funding bid to install a new TechnoAlpin Snowfactory at the resort. The revolutionary Snowfactory system is able to produce snow in temperatures up to +25’C and would guarantee a full season at Glencoe – something that’s been harder and harder to fulfil over the last few tumultuous winter seasons in Scotland.

The videos above and below show the TechnoAlpin system at work in +15’C pre-season temperatures at Mt Buller, Australia. Use of the Snowfactory allowed Mt Buller to offer skiing and snowboarding on its proposed opening date, despite faltering early season snow. Imagine this in Scotland.

Glencoe’s funding appeal has already reached over £40k of a £290k target – more than 20% of the total required. While it’s expected some big companies will join the effort over the coming days, the resort needs your help to achieve its goal. Glencoe’s funding video is shown below.

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We had a look at the figures and, if each of Glencoe’s 35,046 visitors* in the 2014/15 season was to donate just £10, the resort would smash its funding goal. It’s worth noting the current 20% tally has been achieved through the generosity of just 315 supporters.

The proposed snow cover provided by the TechnoAlpin Snowfactory at Glencoe
The proposed snow cover provided by the TechnoAlpin Snowfactory at Glencoe

The Glencoe appeal has a variety of different funding options starting at £20 to become a listed supporter – but even just a £10 donation could make a significant difference and help assure the future of snowsports at Scotland’s oldest ski area.

Guaranteed snow, guaranteed season, guaranteed riding. Can’t say fairer than that.

Read more about the Glencoe snow-making project.

Get involved and make the Glencoe SnowFactory plan happen. 

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Cairngorm is also purporting plans for a similar SnowFactory. The HIE-backed operation is not seeking funding.

* The total rider-day figures across Scottish snowsports areas during the 14/15 season were: CairnGorm: 76,588, Glenshee 58,407, Lecht 31,218, Nevis 29,375, Glencoe 35,046.