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«Shaun White is on a mission» — NBC

Men's Pipe: White's work of witchcraft

PyeongChang 2018

Olympic news: Shaun White dominates Men’s Pipe qualifiers

Shaun White pulled out one of the best pipe runs of his life this morning to nail top spot in the Olympic Pipe qualifiers. And yes — this said of a man that’s not exactly shy of putting down the occasional ‘good’ pipe run.

Hunt down the highlights from your local broadcaster ahead of tomorrow’s Finals. Going by this benchmark, the medal runs are going to be on fire.


  1. Shaun White, USA, 98.50
  2.  Scotty James, Australia, 96.75
  3. Ayumu Hirano, Japan, 95.25
  4. Ben Ferguson, USA, 91
  5. Raibu Katayama, Japan, 90.75
  6. Jan Scherrer, Switzerland, 84
  7. Chase Josey, USA, 83.75
  8. Jake Pates, USA, 82.25
  9. Patrick Burgener, Switzerland, 82
  10. Yuto Totsuka, Japan, 80
  11. Peetu Piiroinen, Finland, 77.50
  12. Kent Callister, Australia, 77