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Snowboard full movie: Bad Plans present This Order

From the Bad Plans Vimeo channel:

Here is our second movie project, THIS ORDER!! Featuring Sigurd Lindquist, Joakím Boldó, Håvard Roald, Didric Lothe & Kristoffer Lerånd. Filmed mostly in shitty conditions in Trondheim, Norway. Except Boldós shots, they where filmed somewhere in Findland/Sweden.

Filmed by Andreas Grong, Stian Karlsen & Sigurd Vaagland.

Additional filming by Zenja Potapov, Kristoffer Fredriksson, Tommi Ollikainen, Emil Vikström, Håkon Haslum, Alexander Klerud & Kristoffer Lerånd.

Graphics by Sigurd Lindquist.

Animations by Henrik Monrad.

Edited by Andreas Grong.


Snowboard full movies : 686’s Rabbit Hole

686’s new film Rabbit Hole is out now on Vimeo :

From the 686 Vimeo channel:

“We set out to make a quick edit. That grew into a really short film, which then grew into what you have now. I guess that’s what happens when you go down the Rabbit Hole though… You lose track of time and realities and just do what feels right.” – Patrick McCarthy, 686 Team Manager

Featuring Matt Belzile, Forest Bailey, Sammy Luebke, Phil Jacques, Mary Rand, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy, Frankie Devlin and others. Directed and shot by Ian Post, 686 Rabbit Hole will be sure to steal you away from reality, if only for a moment.


Snowboard news : Download Postland Theory Loose – it’s free

Free has to be the best price. Download Postland’s Theory for zero coin at

From the Postland Theory YT pages:

Download the full movie FOR FREE on!!

Artem Smolin, Cees Wille, Jesse Augustinus, Simon Houlind, Will Smith.

Also Featuring:
Ollie Dutton, Jeremy Cloutier, Raffael Kossman, Joonas Eloranta, Sami Luhtanen, Niels Schack, Ivika Jürgenson.

Directed by:
Tim Schiphorst

Thanks to:
Salomon, Technine, Trektouw Winches

Snowboard news : HELL presents Wasted Youth, the sequel

From the Wasted Youth Vimeo channel, HELL presents Wasted Youth, coming this Autumn:

A underground snowboard movie from HELL
Coming Fall 2017

Featuring the camaraderie of;

Johan Rosen
Keith Martin
Jess Kimura
Sean Barrett
Taylor Roberts
Chris Boyd
Seb Grondin

Rail tricks online snowboard lesson

Stepping up to do your first rail takes confidence – confidence that you’ll get from doing boxes first. Find the smallest rail you can before taking it on. Learn How To Do Your First Rail on a Snowboard with a free video lesson from Snowboard Pro Camp.

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Source: Snowboard Pro Camp

Fatmap – The best mapping app you might not even know yet.

Once in a while, a snowboard app comes along that’s so good – so comprehensive and complete – it makes you wonder what you did without it. An app that changes how you interact with the world and makes see you things from a very different perspective. Fatmap is one such app.

Fatmap features mapping, elevation and terrain detail from the world’s best ski and snowboard resorts. Sounds simple enough but the app uses this data to construct accurate 3D maps allowing you to explore mountain environments first hand in a way that was never previously possible. And we’re not just talking pisted, in-bounds runs here. The developers have constructed vast 3D environments of entire ski areas including off-piste itineraries and routes you likely didn’t even know exist. In the words of backcountry legend, Xavier de le Rue, “Fatmap has changed the way I see and act in the mountains”. It will likely do the same for you.

As well as being available on mobile, Fatmap now also features a powerful desktop application which affords even greater detail. Check pitch, elevation and likely avalanche risk before even setting foot on the hill. Plan your route and scope new lines from the comfort of home while also getting tips from locals on everything from lift queue times to likely snow conditions depending on time of day or season. The app features a wealth of useful data that will change how and where you ride.

We’ve been following Fatmap closely since it was first launched. It always showed huge promise – even in the early days when they’d only mapped a few areas – but now . . . well, now, it’s pretty much the most complete guide to the mountains you can find. Maps are provided free unless you need offline access which is charged at £9.99 p/m or £28.99 p/a.

What the developers have done here is truly impressive. To take such complex and immersive map and satellite data and convert it into a handheld app which you can explore, almost like a video game, is a quite incredible feat. Fatmap is a genuine game-changer in terms of snowboard apps – not to mention a hugely useful safety tool. We can’t wait to see where the programming team take the technology next as there’s literally hundreds of off-shoot applications and purposes we can think of as add-ons. Time will tell what’s next in the evolution of Fatmap.


Fatmap currently has over 100 ski and snowboard resorts mapped (some with summer and winter variations) with more areas currently in development. To get a better idea why you need this app, visit the Fatmap site for further details.