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Snowboard news : iRide reaches 9,000 downloads on Apple iOS

iRide Ski and Snowboard app reached 9K downloads on Apple iOS this week – actually 9,170 if we’re going to be completely accurate. Christ only knows what happened to Android users as we’re only at 287 on the other big OS.


We’ve got a lot more planned for the coming season. Stay tuned.

About iRide

iRide Snowboard App improves your snowboarding by connecting you with other riders from around the world to share experiences. It is the most comprehensive Snowboard App available.

With iRide you can: Rate and rank footage in the Snowboard Live Feed, Trace your day using the Snowboard Tracker, improve your snowboarding with the Snowboard Progression Lists, challenge other riders to a head-to-head trick comp in Snowboard Battle Mode, earn global glory in the Weekly Trick Challenge, get the latest weather reports and piste maps in the Resorts section, climb the Snowboard Trick and Freeride Leaderboards, learn new grabs with the Snowboard Grab Guide, make sure you don’t forget stuff with the Snowboard Travel Checklist and – most importantly – share your videos with other snowboarders to get feedback on your riding.

Build your profile and become part of a dedicated snowboard community. No other snowboard app has all these features – and we have much more planned. Join us.

Live Feed: The iRide live feed features updated snowboarding footage, with the option to rate and like tricks. Upload your photos and videos to the feed and tag them by trick name and resort. The Trick Dictionary has a comprehensive list of Snowboard Trick Names so you can tag any combination. Optionally mark the trick as a fail and/or share to Facebook/Google+. Other snowboarders then send you kudos by rating your riding.

Snowboard Tracker: Trace your ride using the iRide Snowboard Tracker. The tracker maps your average speed, maximum speed, distance covered, total descent, maximum altitude and total time riding. Earn points and awards for your freeriding and compare your stats with the community – amongst friends, by resort, by country or globally.

Resort Weather and Piste Maps: Get updated weather forecasts from your favourite Snowboard Resorts, check their website and social posts or get in touch with them by phone or email – direct from the app. Download resort piste maps from over 1,000 snowboard areas.

Rider Profile: The Snowboarder Profile is your ID and home to all your snowboard videos and pictures. Add your local resort, your stance (regular or goofy), number of years riding, the gear you ride and your favourite resorts. Also lists awards, friends and your rating.

Snowboard Progression: Improve your snowboarding with the Snowboard Progression Lists, a sequence of structured snowboard tricks which increase in difficulty, pushing your riding. There are five levels featuring tricks in board control, airs, grabs, rotations and rails and boxes. Complete each list to move to the next level while improving your snowboarding.

Snowboard Trick Challenge: Take part in the weekly Trick Challenge, a global comp featuring a randomly-selected snowboard trick from your skill level. Compete against other snowboarders around the world to get the highest ranked trick. Other riders rate the winner.

Grab Guide: Learn how to do the most popular single-hand and double-hand snowboard grabs. iRide features grab guides showing where and how to grab your board with separate diagrams for regular and goofy riders (left foot forward, right foot forward respectively).

Snowboard Fail Tricks: Watch and rate the best snowboarding fails in the Fail Tricks section.

Snowboard Battles: Challenge friends and other snowboarders to compete in a fun head-to-head battle on a trick you select. You can choose tricks from the Snowboard Progression Lists or make up your own from the Snowboard dictionary. You post your video, they post theirs – other riders rate the winner.

Leaderboards: Optionally see how your tricks and freeriding stack up against other snowboarders – globally, nationally, by local resort or amongst friends.

Travel Checklist: Personalised travel checklists. Start with our base of recommended snowboard items then add your own. When you’re packing, tick each off to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Dictionary: Comprehensive dictionary of common snowboard terminology.

Friends: Find your snowboarding friends already on iRide or invite other riders from Facebook/Google+.

Download iRide now:
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Snowboard news : Travis Rice returns in new film, Depth Perception

Not one known for sitting around and taking things easy, Travis Rice returns again this year with a trailer for his new film Depth Perception starring fellow Quiksilver riders Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, Roxy’s Robin Van Gyn and Rice himself.

Summary from the Quiksilver YT channel:

“Deep in winter, and even deeper in British Columbia, you’ll find more than just one of the world’s best places to ride — around every corner, some wild natural phenomena seems to be taking place…

Quiksilver proudly presents Depth Perception, Travis Rice’s latest brain child starring fellow Quiksilver riders Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, Roxy’s Robin Van Gyn and the master himself.

Set in the transfixing layers of BC’s temperate forest, the furthest inland rainforest in the world, Depth Perception returns to the roots of snowboarding and portrays the unique connection each rider shares with nature. The movie sucks you into a supernatural wonderland and invites you to enjoy some of the finest free riding this planet has to offer. It’ll make you laugh, make you learn and most of all, make you want to ride.”

Starring: Bryan Fox, Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin, & Robin Van Gyn
Location: CMH Galena
Shot & edited: Rubble & Helio Film Production
Soundtrack by: Hannah Holbrook & Kishi Bashi
Directed by: Chip Taylor & Chris Murphy

Classic snowboard videos : The Garden by Volcom Stone

Volcom Stone presents The Garden, released 1994, featuring Terje Haakonsen, Bryan Iguchi, Chet Thomas, Bryan “B” Hartman, Jamie Lynn, Jeff Anderson, Joel Mahaffey, Jamie Heinrich, Ben Ashburner, Mike Parillo, Janna Meyen, Reto Lamm, Ryan Immegart, Daniel Franck, Jason Toth, Sebu Kuhlberg, Jason Carrougher, Ingmar Backman, Todd Profit, Billy Anderson, Todd Messick, Peter Line, Alexi, Randy Walker, Mike Estes, Brian Thien, Jim Rippey, Ryan Williams, Dave Downing.